Second NADRE Workshop


This is the discussion topic for second Nationl Academic Digital Repository of Ethiopia Workshop

Tell us about yourself.

Each respondent, please reply this post telling us somenthing about yourself:

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This is Tsegay from ICT Directorate


Hello @TsegayGebremeskel_80
Welcome to the Ethernet discussion forum


Eyerusalem dagnew
Aksum University


Greetings :tada: :smile:


:smile: can u tell us how to use DataCite? even though at the end of this setion ?
I do have some confutions .


Dear Marrio Torrisi,
This is Hailu. Can I access Scopus or Elsevier through NADRE?


Sure @EyerusalemDagnew_73d
the librarian, or data repository manager will send the DOI reserved for you submssion to DataCite and after 24 hours, you can go to DataCite from your ORCID profile and claim for your publications.

But if you need more support on that, please, open another topic here.



Okey , thank you ! :smile: @mtorrisi


Ok @EyerusalemDagnew_73d we will discuss again about DataCite.


Okey , I’ll be happy if we do so. thanks @roberto.barbera


This is Selamawit from ICT.


Hello @SelamawitWelehayat_e and welcome :clap:


Name : Emamu Abdela
institute: AA TVET
Position : Instructor
ORCID ID :0000-0002-9332-2629


Hi @EmamuAbdela_4c2d


hi this is daniel zemo



finally, joined this forum.


hi dear participants of the forum


Just Joined now after a lor of …


This is Dawit from the department of economics
I am happy to join this forum.