Dilla not on the list of main categories


Dilla university is not yet added to the main categories. only Addis Ababa, Aksum and University of Gondar under the list together with Ethernet, ESC and the main NADRE project. can you please help us?



We created the sub-categories for Dilla University, in all the main ones, as example you can see here the Publications DU sub-category.


I made this topic, all the partecipants can see it


Good Morning Sir!

Thank you making DU visible and aid scholars publish there comfortably.

I hope the staff in DU will be motivating to do so. I believe managers and others in charge of Ethiopian education and research will develop open access policy so that everyone participating here will be recognized and encouraged.

I look forward to receiving your replay.

Dilla University


Dear @BerhanuMekonnen_9ed6 what I would need from the Ethiopian universities involved in the NADRE Training Workshop is a time plan for the upload of research outputs to the NADRE repository. NADRE will become to be used only if a critical mass of publications will be visible on it. What’s the time plan for the Dilla University?


Dear Prof

Thank you for your e-mail. I hope my Institute will shortly start publishing to the NADRE repository.

I am and other colleagues are helping and encouraging staffs to upload their products there.

Lets keep in touch!



Hi everyone, are you running another NADRE tutorial? We are getting requests for IDPOPEN and new ORCID IDs.